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We have been in this field since 2007. We serve our clients with a wide range of Speciality Lamps used in Medical, Scientific Applications, Industrial Applications, Research Labs, Audio Visual Equipments, Projectors, Studio Lighting Equipments, Water treatment plants, Textiles & Printing applications. Over the years our business has grown and we are now one of the best known suppliers of specialty lighting. Hi-Lights Marketing have been purely in this field of supplying medical lamps, Entertainment Lights & Industrial Lamps to a wide range of professions including Hospital, Medical, Industrial, Scientific, Video Projection, Research facilities, Event Lighting, Stage Lighting and Microscope Illuminators & many more. We provide medical lamps of the highest quality from leading brands such as Osram, Philips & GE at very competitive prices.

Our Products

We are supplying products for nearly every technical application that can be imagined. With years of expertise, we can find the exact lamp that suits your requirement. We supply the right lamp for the right application. Our vast range of products allows us to offer a single, economical source of a huge variety of lamps, bulbs, or light sources for applications like :


Xenon Lamps

Xenon Lamps

Sicca Lamps