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Powerful head light Halogen Lamps for your vehicles

Night Breaker Laser: Try these brightest Halogen lamps from OSRAM, features are more

lighting upto 130% with more whiter and longer beam to cover more area. These advanced

lamps have longer beam than normal halogen lamps. These Night Breaker Laser lamps are with

innovative laser ablation technology with an improved filament, pure xenon gas filling. It gives

more light shine on the street. It helps drivers with improved visibility to react traffic hazards

more quickly.

Halogen Ultra Life (Longer Life Lamps) : These lamps gives even longer life with new

redesigned ultra life range of halogen lamps saves your money and valuable time. Whether you

are driving with in the city, making a short journey or long trip these new Halogen Lamps gives

longer life. These ultra head light lamps lasts up to four times longer than normal halogen

lamps and offers optimum light on road. With the silver caps this model is ideal to use in clear

glass head lights. These lamps are available in H 1 , H 4 , H 7 and H 11 models with four years


Xenarc Ultra Life: These new series of lamps offers exceptional durability like Halogen head

light lamps in the ultra like series. These lamps also lasts also four times longer than standard

Xenon lamps due to this reason vehicles can cover as much as 300000 kilometers before they

need replacement of the lamps. These lamps are available in following models D 1 S, D 2 S and D 4 S

with 10 years warranty.

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