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Role of Medical Lamps in Visual Examination and Diagnosis - NEW

Medical Lamps and their usages:

One of the large part of routine medical practice for doctors is making a diagnosis by visual examination

hence the lighting (lamps) are very essential for an accurate diagnosis. Due to minor interventions and

detailed examinations the eyes of professionals are under extreme stress hence professional lighting to

aid the process is very essential.

In some condition like the view of biological tissue will vary in different lighting conditions this may

result in inaccuracy in diagnosis.

High Definition LED lighting:

The high definition LED lighting was brought out by Brandon Medical. This move was a great

revolutionary and bought an excellent quality and completely adjustable lighting. To manage the heat

complex filters were used which were too expensive to maintain. LED’s by Barden helped medical staff

to change intensity, color and focus. These lights are good energy efficient the use upto 70% less energy

and they doesn’t produce heat and are easy to clean as they were designed in sealed units. Hence

technological advancing improved the world of Medical Lighting (Medical Lamps) professional adding

and accurate diagnosis.

Different kinds of Medical Lamps:

Halogen Lamps, XBO short arc reflector Lamps, Low voltage Halogen Lamps with reflector MR11 (for

dental use) Fluorescent Lamps.

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