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Infrared Lamps


Hi-Lights Marketing have been purely in this field of suppliers of Infrared Lamps Medical Use to a wide range of professions including doctors' surgeries, dentists, opticians, veterinary practices and medical research facilities. We provide Infrared Lamp Medical Use with highest quality from leading brands such as Osram and Philips at very competitive prices.

Theratherm lamps are special short-wave infrared lamps (ir-a) for use in body care and wellness applications. Ultra Vita Lux Lamps Positive effect on the skin and the body in general.

Siccatherm infra-red lamps have such outstanding properties that they are used for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications. Because the lamps give off very little heat to the environment and heat up not just the surface but the entire substance, the drying or heating in many industries, be it in production, processing or finishing, infrared radiation has become an important heat source. It is very efficient, can be controlled quickly and precisely, and puts minimum strain on the materials involved. It is indispensable in modern ovens and grills, as well as in commercial hot counters. It is also used successfully for alternative room heating by warming persons and objects and not the ambiance. Infrared radiation has a positive influence on well-being.

Heating by Radiation : The electromagnetic oscillations - the heat radiation - produced by an infrared lamp are transferred to the product to be heated without contact and without an intermediate medium. Heating is achieved much quicker than with convection because part of the radiation enters the interior of the product directly, in addition to heating its surface. All heating and drying processes are therefore much faster and put less strain on the product than other heating methods, resulting in higher productivity. The energy loss through convection to the air between product and lamp and through reflection from the heated product is small.