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Hi-Lights Marketing have been purely in this field of suppliers of UV Lamp to a wide range of professions including doctors' surgeries, dentists, opticians, veterinary practices and medical research facilities. We provide UV Lamp of the highest quality from leading brands such as Osram and Philips at very competitive prices. Hi-Lights Marketing is specialized in supplying various types of UV Lamp like Advanced UV Lamp, Reliable UV Lamp and Philips UV Lamp, etc.

Ultra Violet lamps are used in phototherapy equipments like neo-natal ICU, vitiligo, jaundice in new born babies, etc. Osram and Philips manufactures majority of these lamps.

Osram Dulux blue L18W/71


Philips TL 20W/52

UV Lamp Lamps & UV Lamp Tubes - These products are used for Medical, Industrial, etc.

Types and Applications - UV Lamp

  • Germicidal Lamps (UV-C) are mainly used for Sterilisation of Air, Water in Hospitals. Microbiology Labs, Laminar Flow, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Dairies industries, Eprom Erasing, Plate finishers in Printing Industries etc.
  • TL 52, 01, 12, PL-L 18W/71 Lamp are mainly used for Phototheraphy units, Medical treatment of Jaundice in new born babies, Dermatology (Psoariasis), Materiology testing, Botanical uses etc.
  • Actinic BL 05, 03, 10R tubes are used for Insect traps, Plate, Film, Screen exposures, Glass bonding, Ammonia printing ,Textile printing, Photo polymerisation, PCB, Aquariums etc.
  • BLB (108) tubes are used for Textiles Industries for yarn inspection , Colour matching, Disco, Sign boards, Criminology ,Currency and Passport checking etc.

We supply the right Medical Lamps for the right application.